Author: Kairi Kuha

Original language: Estonian

First printed: 2020

240 pages

The book in your hands is full of surprises. It is here to guide you on a journey to abundant health and vitality.

We live in a changed world. Most of what we use to fulfil our needs with has changed markedly. Even to the extent that our needs do not get met. Our bodies are our best friends and they have all the know-how to keep us in vibrant health and provide us with infinite energy. But they need an input from us first.

Our bodies talk with us through symptoms and well-being. That is the only way they can signal us whether we are taking good care of them or not. When we sail through our busy days with ease and have still enough energy for ourselves, friends and family in the evening, we have met the needs of our body.

But more likely than not, the chores of daily lives bring us down and make us feel depleted, craving for a couch, a pack of sweets and a remote control. We live in an era of exhaustion. It takes a novel approach to combat the ill effects of modern living that carefully takes into account the reality of the 21st century.

My heartfelt desire is to spread knowledge that would help everyone to enjoy the healing power of true vitality. With your best interests in heart, I have assembled the best the modern world can offer for healing into this book. I have followed this advice for eight years already because I am convinced this get our needs met. I have recovered from deep burnout and blossomed into a woman full of vitality. My clients harnessing the advice, experience health and wellbeing unknown to them before.

What will you find in this life-changing book?

  • actual and little-known causes of fatigue
  • benefits of sparkling vitality that you have secretly dreamt of for years
  • principles that set you on the path of true healing
  • foundations of life-enhancing nutrition that is still withheld
  • smart methods for cleansing the body in an unprecedentedly toxic environment
  • rapid-action tips to improve your wellbeing when life gets rough

The book is a journey to the root causes and in-depth solutions to fatigue and malaise of today. It has helped thousands of people to rebuild their vitality and create the life of their dreams. It is time to hand this powerful knowledge over to you. Fatigue is not an inevitable part of our stressful lives. We have been crafted for most amazing and fulfilling lives, all of us. We do not need to tackle health and well-being issues one-by-one. All we need is to rebuild our innate vitality and offer our bodies what they truly need.

When our bodies have abundant energy and vitality, they will kick off fatigue and unleash the endless physical, mental and emotional power within. Now let us embark on this journey together!

Wishing you abundant vitality



About the author

Kairi Kuha is an author and a health and vitality coach dedicated to renewing humanity in the 21st century. Ten years ago, after the birth of her daughter, Kairi found herself in a deepest burnout and total bewilderment. Kairi had long been renowned for following healthy eating and living habits, but to no avail. Time had come for her to experience that we need a new standard for healthy. One that takes into account the upside-down reality of our toxic world. Thus, she set on a quest for true health on the deepest level. Today, she enjoys endless energy, creativity and great health that all combined have enabled her to carve out the life of her dreams.

Equipped with cutting-edge knowledge tailored to the needs of our era and our bodies, she is advising clients on individualised journeys to abundant vitality. Her methods are deeply grounded in the laws of natural living and combine them with advances in science to create the best possible solutions and evolve as our environment and needs change. Kairi is also a promoter of locally grown organic food and a champion for educational freedom and home-schooling.