Author: Dr Riina Raudsik

Original language: Estonian

First printed: 2021

216 pages

Packed with stories of miraculous healings this book was written by Estonia’s most controversial GP Dr. Riina Raudsik, who is one of the most beloved doctors by people and one of the most persecuted one by the authorities. This and the simple, yet powerful way of writing and conveying her message has guaranteed all of her books a super best-seller status in Estonia.

„The Healing Power of Sound“ is her newest book and talks mostly about vibroacoustic therapy, but digs also deep into the story of our brain and psychosomatic causes of diseases.

With over 40 years of professional experience, she finds simple ways to convey complex messages and lifts her readers from being mere philosophers to the level of mastering their own health.

„At last, the development of the vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) method has produced a book written by a physician. Publications on the subject available to date have been collections of case histories, small-sample research results and feedback from therapists who have been astonished by the positive effects of VAT. This book is written from the viewpoint of a general practitioner, who has been using VAT in her practice for 18 years.“ Dr. Olav Skille / Norway



What is vibration?

Vibration (lad vibratio) means mechanical oscillation, trembling. Vibration is a universal phenomenon and sounds are the audible part of vibration (16 – 20,000 Hz).

Since lower sound frequencies are better felt than heard and their healing effects are found in practice, then nowadays, sound frequencies between 30 – 120 Hz are used in the treatment of humans. Vibration is a fundamental life state. All tissues vibrate at different levels depending on the water content of that tissue, and therefore, there is not just one oscillating frequency through which the whole body is healed.

In practice, 30 – 120 Hz has turned out to be a universal frequency which will heal the combined functions of the psyche and body at a metabolic level, avoid psychosomatic illnesses and balance the body’s mentaal and physical health.


The use of active vibration as a systematic form of treatment began in the 1870’s in France, Italy, England and Russia. The goal was to treat neuroses and neuritis. French psychiatrist Jean Martin Charcot and his students devised various vibration therapy instruments and attempted to use them for the treatment of migraines, insomnia and neuroses. In Russia, Nikolai Tsigajev, under the tutelage of Vladimir Behterev, examined pulse frequency, respiration capacity and frequency, and the changes in arterial blood pressure in response to treatment.“


„1. TICS

Tics are eye and/or facial muscle twitches which, in more difficult cases, are often accompanied by uncontrollable contractions in some muscle group area of the upper body. The average child experiences approximately 1 to 2 years of constant tension.

Tics respond well to treatment and when the source of tension is eliminated, so also may the tics disappear. During the past 17 years, over 170 children with tics have come to us for treatment and, in cases where the onset of symptoms has not exceeded from 6 to 10 years; all of them have become tic free.

Case Study 1

Tics lasting nearly 6 months. A 12-year-old girl who, for the past six months, had experienced uncontrollable eye blinking accompanied by wriggling upper body twitches.

As a result of her parents’ frequent change in jobs over a period of three years, this girl attended school in various countries, and so, had to study in different languages.

The girl herself did not complain, but her father approached us, after hearing that we treated these types of cases. After 10 treatment sessions, the girl had to travel out of the country with her parents. There was a lack of information regarding her health immediately after treatment, but after six months, we were told that the girl’s health was restored. The tics and body twitches disappeared immediately after treatment.

The parents finally settled in Estonia and the girl has had no recurrence of tics.“

Dr. Raudsik has written and published 9 books, her career in medicine has included the positions of anaesthesiologist, cardiologist, cardio reanimatologist and GP. She is still a practicing doctor, though running her practice outside of the medicine system.