Author: Dr. Riina Raudsik

Original language: Estonian

First printed: 2016

214 pages

Full of timeless knowledge this book was written by Estonia’s most controversial GP Dr. Riina Raudsik, who is one of the most beloved doctors by people and one of the most persecuted one by the authorities. This and the simple, yet powerful way of writing and conveying her message has guaranteed all of her books a super best-seller status in Estonia.

With over 40 years of professional experience, she finds simple ways to convey complex messages and lifts her readers from being mere philosophers to the level of mastering their own health.

HUMANS are energetic beings who breathe, eat, and drink in order to produce energy to stay alive and healthy, as well as to renew body cells – to ensure constant regeneration. Every cell in the body produces electric energy, and death arrives when energy production ceases. Energy is a field, and a human being is likewise a field. Albert Einstein said that this field is the only reality. Therefore, solutions to human health-problems should be related to energy and the principle of body integrity.

People fall ill when they produce too little ENERGY of when they consume too much of it. This results in an immune attack that causes inflammation in body tissue in order to regain the previous balance. Inflammation does not refer to the presence of bacteria in the body, but to the attempt to restore the body’s equilibrium through an attack of the immune system.

Immune system monitor, with extreme accuracy, the progress of metabolic processes (i.e. energy production or pH balance) in blood and other tissues, and react to dysfunctional energy productions with an attack. Inflammation always refers to the acidic offset of the balance between acids and bases (pH). The book explains the reasons behind this in a simple and clear way.

In addition, Dr. Raudsik speaks about the psychosomatic nature of diseases – the importance of memory, emotions and so on.

She gives an overview of many hot topics like the essence of immune system and inflammation and autoimmune diseases etc.

Dr. Raudsik has written and published 9 books, her career in medicine has included the positions of anaesthesiologist, cardiologists, cardio reanimatologist and GP. She is still a practicing doctor, though running her practice outside of the medicine system.